Fiona Titman’s Blog

Greetings and thank you for stopping by to take a look at my new (very new) blog. As part of my university course I am to create and then contribute information to this blog….No doubt I will hit many speed bumps along the way!  This is a brand new (and quite daunting) experience for myself! I have only used Facebook as a form of social media so overall I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed by this new ventue into ICT’s and how these tools can improve and enrich our teaching and learning. The course Examiner for edc3100 David Jones stresses that as students we are to see this new learning as something to embrace and not to see these ICT’s as ‘barriers’. It is all about having a positive mindset. In this spirit I am to give this ‘blogging’ and ‘Feedly‘ and ‘Diigo‘ thing a go. Who knows? I may end up enjoying this course and grow to like using these tools and resources! Thanks, Fiona.


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