An ICT ‘speed bump’or plain laziness?

Passwords and User ID’s. It should be simple to log into my WordPress blog. On Monday earlier this week I registered to a wordpress account. I quickly jotted down my user name and password into my lecture pad for future reference. This morning I went to log onto my blog and my password is incorrect. What the?! I tried all variations of both my username and password, I tried lower case then uppercase first letters and still no luck. I was positive I had the right password and I was typing it in correctly. Positive because I use the same password for all my online accounts. Warning bells should be going off in my skull, yet I ignore the potential threat of hackers getting my personal details.For years and I mean years I have really only ever had two different passwords for all of my online accounts; ebay, facebook, book dipository,email. You get the picture. So I began to ponder, Am I fearful of new passwords to remember because I am forgetful? Or am I just too lazy to come up with a new password and therefore chose to risk my personal details? Who can access my personal information? This got me thinking about where I would obtain reliable and credible information about protecting identity online and where would I access this information from to guide my future students with regards to cyber safety and protection. I used an online search ‘cyber safety’ and found this useful website from the Office of the Children’s E safety Commissioner of Children’s E safety/esafety-issues/protecting-personal-information

This Australian Government web site  has various important cyber surfing information catered for children and their teachers and parents.

So getting back to my password log on dramas this morning I clicked on the ‘change password’ link and after some deliberation I came up with a totally brand new password and jotted it down in my lecture pad for safe keeping:) Thanks, Fiona.


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