Is it an ICT or not an ict?

Week two into the EDC3100 course and I was one week behind! I must confess that until I took the 10 question quiz about which device was an ICT I hadn’t a clue what makes a device an ICT. I got a faboulous 5 out of 10 correct (being sarcasit here). I thought that all technology was an ICT, because it was a form of technology. I know. I feel silly for admitting this! I thought that an analaog technolgy was an ICT, for example, the old microscope with its dials. I then read on and clicked on the link to Chris Woodford’s article about what constitues an ICT, being a digital device, and how digital differ from analog devises. Digital devices convert the information in numbers and repesents bianary digits 0 and 1. Fellow student Linda explained her new learning of what constitutes an ICT in her recent blog by stating that she learned that something as simple as a stop watch was an ICT. Phew! I am not the only person realising what is or isn’t and ICT! Thanks for reading:)


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