Are you Kiddling me?

Safe search engines for children are high on many of my fellow blogging students minds and so it should be. Afer reading Mr Clancy’s post that mentions ‘kiddle’, a safe search engine for kids, I was intrigued. I had to find out more about this site claiming to be  ‘Google for kids’ when I know of and use Google Junior.

Kiddle‘ apparently is a safe search engine designed for safe internet use for children to use and made by Google. As it turns out, that’s exactly what ‘Kiddle’ want users to think! This search engine is NOT created by Google and has NO association to the mega corporation.I did a simple ‘Google’ search to find this out. Have a look at this UK newspaper, Mirror article’What the Kiddle?‘ Here. So what is a ‘safe’ internet search engine? Try Google Junior? At least Google Junior is associated with Google and indeed owned by Google. It took some time to find out who is behind the child safe search engine. Her name is Panvi Diwanji, VP for Engineering at Google.



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