Little monsters get rewarded

Just the other week my year 4 son came home from school raving on about ‘Dojo points’.  His teacher recently introduced Class Dojo, a software used in the classroom to improve student behaviour and to encourage students to stay on-task. Each student choses a ‘monster’ avitar  and throughout the day the teacher gives points to reward positive behaviour. Each student has an account and can access it from home on their devices. My son likes to check on his accumulated point score and he can change the look of his ‘monster’ if he wants to. He seems to be motivated as he’s always going on about recieving the most amount of Dojo’s in his class. Interesting…Beyond what my son tells me, I don’t really know much about Class Dojo. So I went onto the Class Dojo web site to try to make more sense of how it works. See this video for a brief ‘warm and fuzzy’idea of what ClassDojo is and whit it can be used for. The Class Dojo software also can be used for teachers to communicate with parents and can use Class Dojo to upload pictures and update parents on what is happening in the class. I wonder if Class Dojo could be used much like Twitter ?

Whilst trying to find out more information on Class Dojo I came across a blog by Lary Cuban . He has written an intersting article on using Dojo and the reasons why and for not using Dojo and reasons why. It was here that I realised that teacher can also give neagative points to students to correct their behaviour and the interactive software is displayed for all students to see, so everyone knows who’s performing well and paying attention and who is off-task .In the end it comes down the individual teachers pedagogical beliefs on intrinsic reward versus extrinsic rewards. Any thoughts?  Thanks for reading, Fiona:)



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