‘Goodish practice’ isn’t good enough

As part of this course we are to think and to challenge our ideas of integrating ICTs into learning so that it enriches and transforms students learning. I have been guilty of thinking that ‘goodish pactice’ is good enough. I will elaborate. I have used Youtube clips, visited web sites and diplayed it to a class on a smart TV and have used Power Point presentations as part of my lesson plans. Fellow edc 3100 student and blogger Jess also expressed similar teaching experiences with the use of ICTS during past practicums and how the ICTS used simply ‘amplified or replaced’ exisiting recources rather than enriched the overall learning. Simply watching a Youtube clip or having students take digital photos instead of drawing their subject isn’t enriching or transforming their learning. ‘Goodish practice’ really isn’t good enough. This morning I watched the Red Balloon School for teaching English Youtube clip “Grammar cops” (viewed in week 3 of the Learning Path) view the video here. I was inspired! I saw authentic learning occuring and the use of ITC was integral to the overall learning.  Thanks, Fiona



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