Flipped Classes and Doodlecast

Yesterday whilst researching some ICT ideas for Prep and the lower primary setting, I started to feel quite underwhelmed. It seemed like much of the ICTS that ‘enriches’ student learning were geared more toward year 3 grade level or above. For example I came across a term, ‘flipped classroom‘. A Flipped class is when the teacher uploads the lesson and tips to help with the learning online. Students then access and view  the recording  outside of school, at home or anywhere if they have a mobile device then come into class and work on their home work and assignmnents collaboratively. Sounds very much like the university stucture of learning to me. Flipped classes have really exploded in the USA. Many schools are now opting to teach via this method. See this vieo here for more information on it. Whilst this is all great, it is aimed at upper primary and high school students. After some more online searching I did finally come by a really interesting app for ipads called Doodlecast Pro, a piece of software used to integrate students learning with ICTS and it’s appropiate for lower primary classes! View this video on how it  can work within a lower primary setting here. Thanks Fiona:)


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