Starting point for gathering information


After searching  online: integrating ICTS in teaching and learning,  I found some interesting and relevant information from the University of Sydney- ICT resources for graduate teachers . There’s quite a lot of relevant and useful information in a broard sense. Kind of like a starting point for pre-service teachers to get their heads around some ideas or concepts of ICTs and how to implement ICTS in the classroom in meaningful ways to enhance learning. I located some information on ‘Mobile Learning’, a brief definition of what mobile learning is: teaching and learing with the use of moblie technologies, for example ipads. The information also explains that this can bebroken into two components: learner mobility, meaning that students and teachers can use and access the learing on a mobile device which means that they can be at home, on public transport, at a library etc, not confined to the classroom to learn. Mobile device– the use of lap tops, mobile phones, ipods, ipads etc to access the learning and or to create learning. Thanks, Fiona:)



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