Self Organised Learning Environment (SOLE)

A couple of years ago I watched a TED talk presentation ‘The Child-driven Education‘ by Dr. Sugata Mitra, about an experiment he devised that showed that children can and do learn about a subject or technology without the need of formal instruction or guidance from a teacher. This was called ‘the hole in the wall’ experiment. Dr.Mitra had a computer with internet set up in a wall of a slum in India and left it there for children to notice and explore with their peers. What happend was amazing. The children worked out how to use the PC and internet through learning and collaborating with each other. This experiment led Dr Sugata to develop SOLE, a learning cloud for children anywhere in the world to learn through a line of inquiry. Schools across the world have joined this ‘School in the Cloud’ where the students work out answers for themselves about questions posed within small collaboration groups. These small groups work togther searching the internet to answer their question. The groups are also encouraged to assist other groups. The teacher’s role within this learning environment is to let the children come to their own conclusion. After the reasearch is conducted, groups then present their findings to their class mates. This form of learning gives students agency over their learning. Thanks, Fiona.


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