Unit plan

Back into full swing again at Uni after the mid-semester break. Now it’s time to begin working the second assignment, a unit plan running for approx 5 weeks. My “somewhere” will be a year 1 classroom setting, as I already know that my prac will be with a year 1 class-lucky me. Thinking about incorporating ICTs to transform learning will be challenging for me though. I find that because I am specialising in early childhood, the level and usage of ICT’s used in general in the early years is quite basic and low on the ‘transformative’ end of the teaching and learning spectrum. In year 1, the students will need to be taught how to use the technology (constructing knowledge) and that in its self is quite a learning curve!  I do not yet have a firm plan or subject area in mind to ensure transforming knowledge. I do know that having an assessment at the end of the unit plan that uses a line of inquiry is going to assist the students towards transforming knowledge. I came by fellow student Jacqueline who is going to base her second assignment unit plan on a year 2 class teaching a unit on geograhpy. Tt would be great to follow another student who is working with and planning for early primary years!

Thanks, Fiona


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