Google slides for collaborative presentations

Just recently as part of one of my other Uni courses, I was placed into a small collaborative group  for the purpose of working on a group assignment. Our assessment was to complete a power point presentation and then to answer questions posted by fellow students about our presentation seminar. Our group decided to use to work collaboratively on the power point presentation. I particularly liked the fact that we could all work on it simultaneously and there was a messenger/chat option to talk to eachother. I also really liked the fact that there was no ‘save’ button, google/slides auto saves all your work! Using saved time and worked efficiently as we could all access via out gmail accounts on any of our devices. I think its an excellent tool to use collaboratively, especially for group work in the future! Fellow EDC 3100 student blogger Crystal is also in aggreeance and talks about her experience using google slides here.

Thanks, Fiona


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