A Uni for the real world?

Recently I seriously began questioning how well I was being equipped to become a teacher. I enjoy many of my classes and I believe it is important to have a strong theoretical understanding of child learning and development. But that is all the uni teaches. As for being an actual teacher in the classroom, you know ‘for reals’, I feel as though the uni is failing us on so many levels. Why do we spend 4 years at uni when really we dont actually learn how to be a teacher until were are in our first paid teaching role? I am only participating in one prac this year and this prac is only 3 weeks long. Just as I will begin to get to know my students, have built a positive rapport with my mentor teacher and begin to get into the flow of being in a classroom discourse, it will be time for me to leave and go back to theory. I don’t get it. Why isn’t this degree more hands-on? I know that I’m not the student who feels this way. Then today I read the blog post from a student from lasts years edc3100 course and she felt the same way, wll the part about being trained on the job, part… Interseting…..So why can’t the degree be 50% training, 50% Theory?

Thanks for reading, Fiona:)


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