Prac time…..

I along with many other students are beginning to feel the pre-prac nerves. I felt exactly the same way as Crystal did. It was today that I was fortunate to meet up with my prac mentor today and I had the opportunity to meet with the prep/year 1 class that I will spend the next three weeks with. I must say that I am feeling a whole lot better about about this prac now! My Mentor was very approachable and was quick to set me at ease about the whole process. the classroom is equipped with a laptop connected to a projector. The white board isn’t interactive though, however the laptop has a touch screen. My mentor invited a couple of her students to interact with the touch screen by mving words over to where they belong to which had the students engaged during a literacy lesson.Through out my placement the class and I will have access to ipads and 8 lap tops. This is pretty awesome as the class only has 15 students! I am now looking forward to starting on Monday! Thanks for reading, Fiona 🙂


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