Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is the ability to use ITC in a safe, responsible and ethical manner. I have been using the internet for a whole range of purposes, communication, net banking, finding out information, contributing to forum discussion and the like for  well over 10 years.

I thought that I had a good sound knowledge of cyber safety. As invited by the week 10 learning path on digital citizenship, I  just completed the cybersmart kids quiz and I got a total of 21 out of 25 correct. I learnt that I should not instruct children to give out any further personal information beyond their first name and nick ( I thought an email address was also ok) and not to trust many of the social media web sites. Intersting. I also have been guilty of just ignoring those pesky windows, you know, the ones that pop up and move around…Closing them is the smarter and safest option because there may be a virus attached to the pop up.

When I took the bullying quiz I was suprised to only have got half of the questions correct. I did think that in high school that cyber bullying was more prevelant than actual face to face bullying. Is it because the media portays the cyber bullying? No doubt, this form of bullying will be the most common form of bullying in our high schools in the coming years. Another question I got wrong was about the bully themselves having a low-self esteem, which as it turns out that most bullies have an inflated self esteem.

The office of Children’s esafety Commissioner wbsite has a range of important and valuble information on cyber bullying, illegal and offensive information, how to report the offensive information and legislation, the Enhancing Online Safety for CHildren Act, 2105.

Thanks for reading, Fiona


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