Digital Privacy

Week 10 learning path was certainly an eye opener. It can be frightening to know just how easy it can be for criminals and creepy people to view, access and invade your persnal information on social media. I have a facebook account and recently I changed my privacy setting to prevent my friends from tagging me in photos and tagging the location of where we were eating out at, letting everyone know which restaurant we were at! To me that’s giving out too much information. What I cannot stop is what is viewed on my friends news feed, which can be frustrating. Also I try not let facebook know my location from my mobile phone, its painful at times as I often get these messages that pop onto my screen advising me that I have 30 seconds to click on it to stop facebook from accessing my location. My facebook privacy setting also have enabled me to keep my facebook account private and my facebook page will not come up on a Google search when my name is entered. Yesrerday I Googled my name and my pinterest pin boards was the first on the list. Now anyone would be able to take an educated guess that I am a teacher, as I have a math rotation board and literacy board. Then the seach was followed by a photo of me with my friends friends taken by a newspaper photographer 2 years ago! I forgot that our photo was taken! It’s scary knowing that I have a digital footprint, and anyone can now know what I look like, work out where I live from that photo and know that I am likely to be a teacher due to the types of things I pin on pintrest!


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