Interactive whiteboards

I have never used an interacative white board (IWB) before. Like my fellow student Linda, I will need to do a crash course on how to use the many features of the IWB. In my previous prac I used a smart TV, so it had a touch screen which made the TV interactive. So I will be a novice when it comes to using a IWB in future classrooms. I found the interactive Borad tips and tricks site very useful, the slide on flash web sites was interesting and something I will want to incorporate into my future lessons, it particularly useful as it explains how to access and use information from a web site by down loading flash files to use offline!. This is pretty great to know how to use, as I ran into problems in my last prac wanting to share information online but the internet ran too slow and the kept buffering. My little students became bored and distracted and I was annoyed beacuse a component of my lesson wasnt going according to plan! Thanks, Fiona


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