Too much screen time

Many fellow students are blogging about screen time and how it is of concern that children (ages 3-18) should only be allowed up to 2 hours per day of screen time. This is pretty difficult to limit screen time down to 2 hours per day, especially for teenagers, where the use of digital screens is madatory to complete set homework and assignment projects using digital devices. Fellow EDC3100 student Ella write about how it is impossible to complete her studies without numerous hours of screen time in any one day. Its not just the learning factor that what keeps us all in front of the screen.Theres the communication factor, where so many students use social media to connect with their friends and family. Then theres the entertainment factor, now we can watch tv through our portable devices, plus play games and access information and even shop on the internet. Then there’s the functioning in every day life factor, net banking, checking emails etc too. I myself spend way too many hours in front of a screen every day. This may to be too much screen time. I get headaches and sore eyes but our world keeps on bringing us back to our screens. Thanks Fiona


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