EDC3100 course

I am happy and relieved to know that the semester is drawing to a close! It has been a full on semsester full of assessments and a professional experience prac. The EDC3100 course has certainly opened my eyes to the value and importance of using ICTs in teaching and student learning. Initially I did struggle…I did not like and still don’t like the course material layout on the study desk. I missed being able to justscroll down and click on a module  link or folder to access the information or assessment information that I could easily print off and read ( yep I’m old school). I found it annoying having to go through the various learning path books to locate a snippet of information about the assignment, only then to forget which book it was where I read something that I wanted to be able to refer back to but couldn’t find it. Other than than this gripe, the course content was in valuble and I have learned so much.

I have learned more than I thought I would about incorporating ITCs in the classroom. I have learned to challenge my  preconceived attitudes about the use of ICTs in the classroom. I have also come to realise that I need to adjust my beliefs to better cater to the needs of my future students.Whilst I am not a very tech saavy individual (and up until recently I was really ok with that), I shouldn’t let my personal views and barriers to learning how to use ICTs prevent my future students from missing out on using and incorpartating ICTS in their lessons. I now undertand that children today are indeed digital natives and there is a great need to ensure that the children who enter into our classroom have access to and are engaging with a wide range of digital and multimedia technologies.

Last blog! Thanks, Fiona:)


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