Lessons and feedback

It was nerve racking for me to be watched by my mentor and site corordinator teaching a lesson whilst on my professional experience. As nerve racking as it was, I really appreciated receiving immediate constructive feedback after my lesson. This helped me to see where I was at, what I did well at, what could have been better about the delivery of content and areas I  needed to address for imporvement.I did take my feedback into account and did my best to implement theses adjustments in subsequent lessons.

I had my site coordinator spend the day with me in the classroom. The feedback and advice given to me has definately got me thinking about how I teach and how I can adjust aspects of my lesson delivery and content to improve future lessons. For example, when I had organised the laptops to be set up and brought up an online game for students to play, I didn’t quickly go over how to play the game with the whole class before they went to play it independently. This was because I had two teacher aides in the room with me to assist those students. However in future, I may not have the luxury of having two other staff members working with me in the room.

Thanks, Fiona


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